360 Degrees of Good Health

By Dr. Kevin

Good health is like the perfect circle.  It means that you have balance in all your bodies.  Your physical body, your mental body, your emotional body, and your spiritual body.  Working for total health can be accomplished by entering at any point on the circle.  Whether through the modality that is about your spiritual life or the one that is about your emotional life.  You might decide to enter it through your intellectual quadrant, but if you are like most people you will enter concerns about your health from your physical quadrant.  This is because a physical imbalance tends to be harder for most people to ignore and will often get addresses quicker than the others. 

Take 4 piece of paper and draw four circles, one on each filling up the paper as much as possible. .  They don’t have to be perfect circles, or a pretty circle.  Just circles.  If you must, get a saucer and trace it.  Identify each of the circles with one of the four labels – Physical, Intellectual, Emotion, and Spiritual.  Now divide each of the circles up by making an “X” over it, leaving four pretty evenly distributed sections.  Write Feeds You at the top of each circle and underneath the circle write; Drains You.  On the left side of the circle write; Optional and on the right side Mandatory. 

Now envision these four Circles as tires, and just like the tires on your car,  these are the tires of your life journey with you being the vehicle that is taking that journey. Let’s take a look at the condition of each tire and whether the tires are aligned and in balance with each other or are misaligned causing you to be steering your life in the wrong direction.  Perhaps are some soft even almost flat and others overinflated causing for a much h more arduous and difficult journey than is necessary.  Causing you to be off kilter. 

Now either within each section of a circle or if it is easier on a separate piece of paper make the list corresponding with that section. 

The first list might be mandatory but drains you the second list might be mandatory but feed you the third list could be optional drains you in the fourth list could be optional feed you. 

So, let’s say you chose the physical circle and you make the list I have mandatory physical things you need to do when your life which train you. Now not only do you want to look at how much time that eats up, but you want to question which of those things on the list is actually mandatory in reality or were just mandatory in your head. Is there any way to shift something from the mandatory drains you to The optional drains you? Or is there a way that you can take something that as it exists now, that is mandatory, and that drains you and shifted in a way that it could feed you? The ultimate goal of making these lists and each of these circles is to see when you add everything up is it like a full healthy well-balanced tire, in good alignment with the other tires, or is it like a slightly soft tire, almost flat tire or even an over inflated one? 

DO this exercise for all four tires.  Even while you are doing it and trying to see where you can shift things , don’t be afraid to ask for other people’s input, sometimes when we are the driver’s, we can lose focus on the reality of the journey.    Here are some question to keep in mind when you are going through this exercise: 

Is everything I identify as mandatory really mandatory or are they things I or someone else has made mandatory in my life? 

If something actually is mandatory and drains me, what are different ways in which I may work with it that and either make t drain me less or less often or can I shift it and have it feed me or at least become a neutral? 

If a tire is underfed- how can I work in more daily activities to make that a tire that feeds me, instead of drains me. 

But if you would like to have 360 degrees of good health and a healthy tire that doesn’t keep going flat on you than look at the whole tire when it starts to go flat or wobble.  Maybe you can start with the physical, going to a chiropractor, or a massage therapist, or an energy worker, but now draw a line, in either direction from that point you made earlier, to see what else on the wheel is out of balance.  For I have never found that it is just the physical, or intellectual, or emotional, or physical.  See where the leak – the energy leak started that began this process.  Was it an emotional situation or relationship that you are avoiding dealing with, is it an intellectual patterning that has brought this imbalance into your wheel.  Or perhaps it is the avoidance of dealing with changes that are occurring in your spiritual nature, does your old spirituality seem to not cut it in your ever-changing life? 

Whatever it is, and quite often there will be small leaks that have been caused in all areas that need to be addressed, find the root problem and once you have worked with that and got all the areas functioning again, you will find your wheel will be up and running!  And with four healthy wheels you will be able to get the best mileage and the best experience possible  no matter where ever your journey takes you. 

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