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Since 2001, ipmNation LLC has specialized in helping musicians and labels get radio airplay around the country. Depending on your own goals, we can develop a targeted radio campaign, and using our Micro Indie Promotions concept, we're able to fit any budget.  We will develop a campaign that targets the most appropriate outlets for your release.  We solicit these stations for airplay and feedback for your release in addition to setting up radio interviews in your touring markets wherever possible.

We target college radio, AAA, non-commercial and commercial-specialty shows. These radio formats encompass a wide range of musical genres and styles.  This is also a great option for not only projects with a mainstream "commercial" appeal, but for projects that do not fit that somewhat narrow formats of commercial radio.

During the campaign, we provide you a detailed weekly report on what is happening with your submission at each radio station.  Unlike other radio promoters, we run your campaign for a full 16 weeks, so as to make certain that we truly get the full benefit of our effort on your behalf.  Your music deserves it!

We also offer an option for online internet stations, for artists who are seeking airplay strictly in the digital realm.

Please look at our additional services which can be integrated with any level of radio promotion.

$400/50 stations 
$500/75 stations 
$600/100 stations 
$700/125 stations 
$800/150 stations 
$900/175 stations 
$1000/200 stations 
$1100/225 stations 
$1200/250 stations 
$1300/275 stations 
$1400/300 stations 
300+ stations, contact us for quote

Internet radio 

"College radio promotion is one of the fastest, most efficient, most cost-effective ways to get your music on the radio, whether it be nationally, regionally, or even just locally. Our unique rate structure allows us to design a radio campaign to fit any budget, regardless of what stage or level your project is currently at. We work with clients and radio stations from all over the country. Unlike commercial radio, college radio doesn't cost a lot of money to participate in, and it's as close to a level playing field as you could find. This is truly the gateway to the next level for anyone who needs airplay, but doesn't have the major label budget and promotional machine behind them to get played on commercial stations.  This is one of the best ways to expand your fan base to other markets outside of your home area. It's also a great avenue for not only conventional sounding mainstream projects, but also music that clearly doesn't fit the mainstream, and needs college radio in order to attain any airplay at all. College radio is where tomorrow's hit artists are developed, and ipmNation can help you to access that market effectively. Better still, we offer a variety of other services to complement our college radio program, to really maximize the impact of our efforts on your behalf."

Matt Connarton, ipmNation

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