Pain Train Productions is a group of friends born and raised in New York. Its members, Ricky, Jimmy, Karasu, and Melissa are a diverse & eclectic mix of personalities who share a passion for entertainment. To listen to everyone tell stories about anything from music, to last night's game, to the old days of Brooklyn, is sure to leave you thoroughly entertained and laughing. Although they may not always agree on music, movies, fashion, or even what sports teams they like, the chemistry between the crew is undeniable. They see the world in very similar ways and share a wit and sense of humor that has been honed over two-plus decades of friendship. We believe that you will understand why their podcast, Pain Train Pipebomb, is a must-listen event.

Pain Train Pipebomb is available on ipmTV.

The radio edition of Pain Train Pipebomb can be heard Sundays at 12PM est on ipmNation1.

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