A (sort of but not exactly) defense of Tucker Carlson 

By Matt Connarton

Look, even before this most recent controversy, I was already conflicted about Tucker Carlson.  I'm allowed to be, by the way.  I'm not a binary political thinker, therefore I am unburdened of any obligation or expectation to reflexively defend or condemn Carlson based on ideology.  Politics has never been that simple to me, and neither is this latest Fox News host kerfuffle, so let's get this part of the way up front. 

On the downside, I find Tucker's rhetoric on immigration…

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Time to get your collective heads out of your collective asses.  

By Henry G. Noël

At the inception of the United States of America, much thought went into the design of the government. The founding fathers understood the tyranny a government can impose if left unchecked. King and Potentate were not on the agenda and mob rule fared about as well. 

The concept of equality meant everyone had a voice and it was the will of the people that mattered. Well, except for the issue of slavery of course; and, oh yeah,  there’s women; don't forgot about them. 

With the advent of the…

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