Grandmother's Mother's Day

By Libra

Mother’s Day has become a day of much heartbreak for many woman around the world. A mother is the one who loves us, cares for us, raises us, teaches us right from wrong, guides us, shows empathy, they’re there when we’re sick, she has sleepless nights, attends school activities, takes us to appointments, who’s always there. 

With the astronomical numbers of grandparents raising grandchildren many grandmothers feel as though they deserve the right to receive motherly recognition from their grandchildren on this day and when they don’t their hearts break. 

Grandmothers taking on the roll of raising grandchildren are essentially and legally caregivers to these young ones and not the children’s parent therefore; are not entitled to mother’s day recognition no matter how it may hurt them emotionally and is a difficult thing to come to terms with. 

All Children have a woman in their lives who gave birth to them, this woman is called “Mother”. Children who have experienced life with “Mother” will always long for that deep connection and she will always be “Mother”.  

Young children do not understand the true description of “Mother” and will want to make gifts or cards to recognize the woman who gave birth to them. This doesn’t mean they don’t deeply love and care for their grandmother, it means they’re to young to understand the difference. A Grandmother shouldn’t feel anger towards the children for not giving her recognition on Mother’s Day. 

It’s perfectly normal for a child to love their mother and a Grandmother should have enough wisdom to understand and show empathy towards the child’s situation, no matter the pain it may cause her. One day the children will understand the true definition of a mother and will come to respect and show recognition to the woman who raised them as a mother. 

To the grandmothers in this world who are in this situation HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY and remember, there is also grandparents day in September. A day for all grandparents to be recognized for all they do in their grandchild’s lives. 

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