Hands To Success w/ Jayne Sanders  Tuesday 7PM ET 

Are you unfulfilled with your work? Lost or confused about your future? Unclear about your purpose? Stuck in one or more areas of your life? Join Jayne Sanders on Hands To Success to learn about Scientific Hand Analysis. Everything about who you are and why you’re here is in your hands…everything! Researchers studied over 40 years and thousands of pairs of hands to develop this database. Neurologists, geneticists, therapists, and coaches are using this fascinating scientific technology. Discover your life purpose, special gifts and talents, and major challenges blocking you from consistent success and fulfillment. By analyzing the blueprint in her guests’ hands, Jayne will uncover all these life-changing gems of information and more, and inspire people to move through their blocks into their purpose.

A Certified Scientific Hand Analyst, Jayne Sanders brings laser-like insight, compassionate candor, and a finely-tuned business sense to her powerful intuitive gifts and coaching skills. With an MBA and over 25 years as an executive in the corporate world,, she transitioned from her professional speaking business to step into her role of Transformational Catalyst…using the science in their hands, Jayne helps people discover who they really are, and how to step into their life purpose and special gifts for more fulfillment, joy, and success.