Special Gifts for Mentally Ill

By Libra

Autism equals our next generation of healers? 

More and more children are diagnosed with ‘mental illnesses’ in today's world and prescribed mind numbing pills to ‘dumb’ them down, which helps the pharmaceutical industry, instead of helping the person to understand and effectively find ways to help the person better manage life; not saying some people wouldn’t do better with medication. Shaman and other healers believe many ‘mental illnesses’ are due to a persons naturally born gifts not being nurtured so the individual can align themselves with the universes energies making them whole to become a healer and teacher themselves, also referred to as Crystal Children. It is also believed Indigo children give birth to Crystal children an on going evolution process for the betterment of humankind. 

Shaman healers believe people many who are diagnosed with mental disorders such as autism spectrum, boarderline personality, and schizophrenia are more evolved with the universes energy and the next step of human evolution. Shaman healers believe given proper guidance such people could converge with the energy which gives them clear insight and a calm mind to become healers themselves. https://www.jaysongaddis.com/the-shamanic-view-of-mental-illness/?fbclid=IwAR24u6i6wXuxe2lNOYue6lrEY17LJ7OstC8HRVR5smjsN-YKAA86OBkyXZ4 

At birth we’re born with gifts of insight and capable of seeing the spiritual realm but as we grow into adulthood those beliefs are extinguished for many because we’re told it’s all childhood imagination and such things don’t really exist. Some of the lucky ones continue to believe and keep the faith allowing them to become empaths, psychics, clairvoyant, which are only a few gifts listed. 

So, is it safe to say a child diagnosed with ADHD and Autism spectrum who speaks of their brain telling them things, things more advanced than the child’s age and experience could be our next generation of healers? Maybe, just maybe many children are what we call Chrystal children don’t require medication just so they could fit into the crowd. Maybe, just maybe all they need is guidance, acceptance, and understanding for them to grow into who they were meant to be, our next generation of healers. 

There are many things on this earth and universe that are unknown and humans tend to be afraid of the unknown therefore; they prefer everyone and everything to be the same for their peace of mind. Accepting the unknown takes a strong person with an open mind to help change what we know and to allow others to be ‘different’ than the norm.

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