Reflections on a war without end. 

By Alan Herbert

Where had it all begun? More important where and how would it all end.  It seemed infinite. 

Enoch Powell had ended his career as an M.P. with his rivers of blood speech. Warning about the danger of uncontrolled immigration. He prophesised race riots in Britain. They laughed at him . They were disgusted and  appalled. He was obviously a racist. A Nazi.  No, never, race riots? not in Britain. Short years later shocked people shook their heads  in disbelief as Brixton burnt. 

Would the same people ever have believed what was happening now? Experiments with rats had shown what happens with over crowding. That effect is also seen in physics.  Add too much of one element to a solution  and the solution becomes unstable and breaks down. Each element attacking the other until a tolerance is found or the solution is completely destroyed. The same is seen  in Nuclear physics.. Add one neutron too many and the element  then  becomes unstable. Throwing off radiation in the the forms of Gamma and  Alpha and beta particles. Electrons and positrons collide destroying  each other  with a massive release of energy..   Protons are ejected  to find a balance . Sometimes  changing into a completely different element to become stable . As uranium isotopes  eventualy becomes lead. 

Yes, where had it begun this time? Was it when the Windrush first docked  carrying immigrant workers  to rebuild the country after the last inbalance. Replacing the millions killed in the effort to become stable again. That instability caused by the instabilty 25 short years  before it. 

He had seen his own culture start changing. The ruins from the bombing  he had played on were rebuilt. More and more immigrants of all nations poured in. In the begining it was good, they brought their culture with them and were  absorbed in the culture they found..  Dreary Notting Hill soon had a carnival. Portobello road street market changed with more exotic fruit and vegetables. Soon West Indian Music was booming out everywhere. More exotic  restruants  appeared. The very language then began to change.. The English language had absorbed many words from other cultures over the centuries many  Yiddish and indian words   The flow continued.  More and more immigrants  came.. Other cultures that refused to mix and  would not accept the laws or  root culture. Would not go into solution. The immigrants  also brought with them their own  intolerences.  Most of all Religions. 

  It is said that  if there was no God man would have to invent him. How true. Man has always looked to a supreme power or many to ask for help or to  blame when it all went wrong.  When his crops failed or the hunt was bad. When the storms raged  or the rains didnt come. Times when he felt powerless and under threat. Then they called on their Gods. 

These gods  brought their own imbalance into the equation.  Man made the  religions and with them  came  intolerence and jealousy. The words of their Gods  were  passed down and down generation after generation . Each bringing their  own interpretation of their Gods  words. The words written in the religious books were  again translated and again each time  influenced by the one maklng the translation..  Even between various factions of the same belief  was there  intolerance .. Jew against Gentile. Protestant against Catholic,  Sunni against Shi ite. All was pouring into the mix making it more and more unstable. Christians versus Muslim versus Hindu versus Sikh versus Bhudist versus Athiest. 

 Grievances,  Some  real and some perceived arose.  Racial discrimination. Both active and passive. Where a person is seen as less than another. Inferior.  Which allows all forms of abuse. Slavery goes back to  pre history .  Other people  forced to work so another  could live a life of luxury.  This was wonderfully  portrayed in George Orwells  book  Animal Farm. One race,  Culture or belief being superior to all others. The master race! Initialy the men abused the animals until they rebelled.  The pigs then  became superior and replaced the men as the abusers. 

He smiled as a memory flashed back. He as a Young man working as a metal worker  in a factory.  They employed several  West Indian immigrants. Sam and Joe stood out. Sam was cool, easy going, laid back, a pleasure  to work with. Sam was always ready to help sort out a problem.  Joe on the other hand wasnt going to help anyone!  Joe was  soley out for Joe. If there was a problem with the work  he had done. He pulled out the race card. “You is only picking on me cos I’m black” His attitude was the brush that tarred many a  west Indian.   He would skive off and deliver poor work. 

 You had  your work backing up and the supervisor was on your case  to get the order out. Where was Joe?   Usually in the toilets, smoking  a cigarette and reading the racing page. Then he would have to rush the work.  Mess it up and it would  have to be done again.. He could not understand that it had nothing to do with his skin colour when you were angry at him. The story found an echoe with the increasing use of a knife to settle an argument. It was a different, alien to the root culture.  Most of the people killed  injured or doing the stabbing were “People of colour” as it now must  be phrased so as not to cause offence.  The police stopped  and searched  the most likely candidates to be carrying a knife as a weapon.  “You is only picking on me co’s I is black”.  In essence true. The police stopped searching young people of colour as they had been accused of being  institutionaly racists.. More youth of colour died. That is very different to the real discriminatory situation where a person is only considered suitable for the most menial of task, based on the colour of their skin or their country of birth .  Their education, training,  experience  and skills can in no way be equal . It was impossible for them  to be equal to or even better at a  task than a member of “The master race”. That is real discrimination and it is very destructive. This  discrimination most certainly exists. This has been  clearly shown in many moments of instabilty through history. In the Japanese prison  of war camps . In the death camps of the Holocaust and in the Russian  Gulags. Humans were treated less than animals. their lives were nothing. 

The are plenty of moments were this  ideal was proved wrong. Jessie Owens  Olympic  champion athelete showed  Germany as  the Tuskagee squadron of Fighter pilots showed America and the squadrons of Polish fighter pilots showed Britain.  Such truths  are ignored. 

With the distrust comes jealousy. “ The immigrants get more help, more benefit money  than we do. They have paid nothing into the system yet get more out than I do. Half truths about the culture.. “They are dirty, smelly and  carry disease” . A common story being  that they ate tinned cat food. More intolerence to increase the  instability. The master race are the pigs in animal farm 

In George Orwells Wells 1984 which increasingly came true.  Substitute the Pigs for  Big Brother.. They ruled your very life from birth to death . They decreed everything. You could not question them. They would decide. Their enemy was your enemy today.  Tomorrow that enemy would be their  friend  and you had become the enemy. The bad person to be punished.  Any dissidence would be punished. They would decide what was best for you. You had nothing to say , A prol. Your meaning was irrelevent. Only what they wanted mattered. They lived in luxury at the cost of the prols.. The trick was keeping the prols seperated. Divide and conquer  worked well.  This  strategy was used to good effect by the pigs. Political colours. Left and right wing. Red blue and yellow. Prime colours. 

The Pigs never died in the wars they started. They  werent  left  homeless  and destitute,  abandoned and despised for doing their duty 

 Of course such brought resentement which grew and festered.   Often this was  ignored by Big Brother or crushed  with a mixture of lies and half truths. Keep the prols confused.. one party  would say  one thing the other something  opposite. Who was right? Who told the truth . 

So what had happend. What had been the final catalyst. What had finaly released all the hate and intolerance.  Moreover how destructive would it be and what would be left?  The World  had reached a critical mass. It seethed with anger. 

 There had been an increasing number ofatrocities in the name of Islam. A club in Bali,A hotel in  India. A  rock concert and a newspaper office in Paris. A Christmas market in Germany. A street  market in France. A pop concert in Manchester... Tourists on  Londons  Westminster bridge. . A street market near  London Bridge.  An Airport terminal. The most brutal and callous murders of innocent people. Aid workers  had been beheaded and the videos streamed on news channels. Christian Churches  were attacked.  Londons Islamic mayor stated that terrorism  was the price of living in a city.. The left wing complained that people had Islamophobia. Was it any wonder?  Meanwhile  the hate preachers of Islam and their several  wives and  children   were housed in Luxury with all benefits .  Meanwhile old soldiers were  left homeless,  sleeping on the streets, abandoned and  criminalised  They had been  sent to fight for  Big Brothers interests.  Sent  to stop religous factions fighting. Sent to do an impossible tasks with their hands tied. They had been sent to an illegal war on a bed of lies.  The veterans protested. First a hundred marched through the streets of London and held a rally and delivered a petition. They were  a disciplined group. They had sworn allegiance to the monarchy and the country.. The police  had had no problems with them .  Respect was mutual.. Marches numbering up to two thousand took place. Big Brother said nice words but ignored the demands.  The petitions  tossed in the bin. The mainstream  media  apart from a few  minor  newspapers had ignored the  veterans marches.. Eventually the  Military, the  Police and the  Veterans had had enough.  Biased propaganda poured  forth from the media. Truth or fake news.? Choose.  The people became more and more polarised. Big brother did not heed the warnings they were given.. 

In a way it was sad that the hippy movement of  so many years ago literally went up in  sweet smoke.. A false heaven via the back door of drugs to dim the harsh reality of life.. The Hippies, a movement of love and peace living with nature.  Flower power. No possesions. no religions. No reason to fight and kill. No hunger. Sharing everything.  The words of John Lennon  were sad but true  They had been  dreamers. 

 Big Brother could not begin to imagine such a World. There was no profit for them  in such a World. They would be powerless in such a World.  A few  ageing hippies still cling to the dream, living with nature. Taking only what they need and nothing more, harming  nothing and no one . He had once met such a couple while hiking.  It was a self sufficient  small holding on a hikers route. A small sign on the trail  pointed hikers to the place. A small campsite and refreshments .  Fresh soup made with their own home grown organic vegetables... made with water that came from a well. The freshly baked cakes and rolls were all organic produce.  Sun and wind provided the Electricity required.. Nothing was wasted. As you entered the site it exuded warmth and peace as did they..  No, Big Brother had nothing on such people.  Only John Lennon would be smiling  down on them. One could only hope such people would survive  on their small holdings and become the new element as the World tore itself apart. 

Long ago, some  thirty years , he had read the Dennis Wheatley  Gregory Sallust  story” Black August” and  had  recognized that  much of what was describded was happening right there and then. It was a shock to find that the story had been written some  forty years earlier. Before the second World war had started . Now it had finally happend. Big brother hadnt listened. That old adage about fooling all of the people some of the time and some of the  people all of the time. It had come home to roost. 

 Divisive politics had split the country almost exactly  in half.. Lies and half truths firing each side. Scaremongering was used as a motivation and spread by the  Big Brothers media. When given the chance  more than half the people had voted against what Big Brother had wanted and expected . The people turned against each other. Big Brother played them as fools ,  not willing  to carry out the peoples wishes. The people  planned a  huge protest march.! 

 A soldier was used as a scapegoat for politcal reasons.  The enemy at the time were now the friends,  all sins forgiven. The leaders of the murderous faction had been  given roles withing big brother  Now a second soldier from that same conflict  was being criminalised for political reasons. The  Forthcoming trial would be a farce.  He would be found guilty. Big Brother had given him as an offering to the wolves  and the media had crucified him. Earlier a soldier from another conflict had been saved after huge protests. After a third tour in which he had seen his  men killed and their bodies desecrated. He had lost control and shot a dying terrorist. The terrorist had had no chance of surviving his wounds. The soldier had only hastened the outcome. It was wrong.  It was a against the Geneva convention. The life sentence  demanded  was overthrown. He was dishonourably  discharged from the forces with loss of pension His long and impeccable  career over . 

This was  three strikes and out. Every soldier, sailor and airman that had ever served was angry. Three hundred thousand angry veterans whom had served in this now unpopular campaign were angry... Each that person  had served in that conflict knew that they could easily have been the scapegoat soldier that  after forty years had  been  thrown to the wolves. Added to them was almost every single veteran. The Veterans  planned a major  protest march. Hundreds of thousands would attend. 

Financial bumbling by the outgoing political party had left the treasury empty. Just I .O.U’s in the money  box.The incoming political party had had to clean up the mess. One party blamed the others  incompetance. It had caused hardship. With many cuts to reduce the debts.. Cuts to the emergency services. Caps on pay rises.. the poorest people were the hardest hit. Contravertially the Pigs of Big Brother awarded themselves pay rises  far above the national average to their already over inflated salaries.  Big Brothers excessive and often  fraudulent  expenses claims combined  would have paid for enough nurses to completely staff a medium sized  hospital for a year.. The disabled saw their benefits cut by a third. Dying people were told they were fit to work and had their benefits cut.. The pension age was increased  to sixty seven years and their state pension  capped... One of big brother that had voted for this act had then immediatlely retired at sixty one with an immediate  pension double that of a nurses annual salary.  The pensioners were not impressed. Those people that should have  been retiring  finding they must work for another two years were not happy. There was much discontent.. Big Brother did not take heed. Instead frauds and corrupt acts were  uncovered time and again..A prol single mother  got caught making a fraudulant claim for benefits. She had had  a boyfriend move in  and  had not informed the benefits office.  She was given  a jail sentence and had to repay the money she had been overpaid...  One of big brother made a fraudulent claim for an expense he did not have.  The sum many times greater  than the single mother.. He was given a reprimand and the sum written off. Naughty boy dont do that again. Against such injustices the people were growing very angry. Big Brother had become a den of corruption. Lies fraud and  and sleaze had become  endemic.  The people were angry. 

There had been  calls for The monarchy to step in and disolve parliment and calls for the monarchy to give the two  Soldiers a Royal pardon  for their alleged crimes. The Incidents had been investigated at the time and the soldiers  had been found not at fault for how they are handled. 

It wasn’t yet  August when  almost  a million Forces veterans staged their protest march.  Thousand upon thousand of angry men and women that had proudly served Queen and Country formed up in Hyde park. Most veterans were  easily identifiable in their  blazers with miltary insignia and their  campaign medals.. Korea, Malaya, Borneo, Aden, Northern Ireland, The falklands, Iraq and  Afghanistan. Some  veterans were just approaching middle age. Others were  showing the signs of their years.  Some needing a walking stick, Some on crutches  some  attended being pushed  in wheelchairs, others on mobility scooters. Some  were victims of age, others victims of war. They  had come together to show Big Brother their discontent. 

With a Pipe band leading they moved off in three columns. In an orderly fashion the column snaked its way out of Hyde park across Hyde park corner. Permision for the march had been requested and refused. But how do a handulf of disgruntled Police many of them Veterans too stop such a mass?  There would have been no stopping them as they moved with quiet purpose. The Police  ahd lottle chioice and stopped the traffic to let the column pass. 

More Veterans joined the column as it wound its way through  Green park. There were no banners, no shouting of slogans.. They were disciplined.  This was to be a quiet show of strength. There was to be no violence. Many veterans gave an eyes right salute  as they passed Buckingham palace. The palace guards tense as the veterans passed by.. There were under no illusions about what could transpire if things  got silly. The veterans knew they were being watched by the Commander in Chief . The Royal Standard was flying proudly above the palace. The veterans  were on their best behaviour. Their argument was with Big Brother in Westminster. Not here. 

On the Victoria Embankment another parade was moving off. Thousand angry people. Left wing right wing. Young  couples old age pensioners. Disabled. Off duty nurses. Firemen. Ambulance workers. The contrast between the two marches couldn’ t have been greater. Led by a van with huge loud speakers blasting  pop music. Banners and placards waving.  shouting their demands through loudhailers. This wasnt a march it was a mob. A mob being stoked up higher and higher by  the extremists. Out for anarchy. They were on their way and they were ready for trouble. They expected it. some welcomed it. they werent to be  disappointed.’ 

 The Veterans marched down Whitehall flanked by a few  police. Several were chatting with the marchers. They shared  many of the veterans grievances.. They halted briefly while yet another petition was handed in at Downing street by a small cortege.. One marcher began to voice his discintent and was quickly silenced by those around him.. He was given the  simple choice to be quiet or leave. They moved off  again toward Parliment square. At parliment square  a group of protesters had already gathered,  some  had been camped there for several days. Shouting in support of Big Brother.  The few police and soldiers standing guard at Westminster  were suddenly  joined by three van loads of riot  Police. Four mounted police arrived.. The police  were now  expecting some trouble. The media having got word  of the marches taking place  and now  had several  helicopters  clattering  overhead.. 

 The stage was set. The groups came together in  Parliment square. Police called to the groups to disperse.  The request went unheeded.. The two mobs began a shouting match. Loud hailers blaring. The veterans remaining apart,  in column, standing still and silent, looked on. Many  of the veterans  had faced mobs like this before.. They knew what was coming as did the police and the handful of soldiers on duty.. In the great hall the members of big bother began to feel fear  at the rising crescendo of noise from the mobs. .They  wanted more police and armed soldiers here.  Now!   But traffic was at a standstill, gridlocked  Those three vans were all that would be  coming. They had only managed to get through via the south side and  crossing the River but now  the bridges were impassable . There would be no help. The police  were a very thin blue line. They were scared. Their mouths  were dry as they looked at the scene unfolding before them.. 

Who threw the first punch remains debatable. In seconds parliment square  erupted like  a western style bar fight. The  group of Big Brother  suporters stood little chance. The mounted police rode into the mob wielding their batons to try and break up the mêlee  only to be dragged from their horses. The mob then turned their attention to the police.  A petrol bomb sailed through the air and then a second. The mob surged forward. The soldiers cocked their weapons and aimed at the crowd.. They hesitated. Was history  to repeat itself.. In years to come would they be on trial for murder? ? Acused of firing into an unarmed crowd of peaceful  protest marchers?   The crowd took the decision from them. The Veterans seeing the police and their  brothers in arms being slaughtered  like animals broke ranks to help their brothers in arms. Shots were fired. By whom will never be known. The  dead soldiers soldiers rifles had never been recovered. The mob ran for the great hall.  The great  wooden doors had been locked and barred  from inside.  A shout of burn the bastards rang out and a petrol bomb smashed it way through an ornate window into the hall,  then another.  In a short time the palace of West minster was ablaze .  Whether anyone from Big Brother  actually escaped  the mob  is unknown. Some had tried unsuccessfully to hide in the cellars, some had  seen jumping into the  fast flowing Thames to try and escape..Parliament had been disolved. 

The mob seeing the great hall ablaze then turned their attention to Buckingham Palace and started up the mall. The veterans  with the few remaining police attempted to turn  them back. As the mob reached the palace Gates two military helicopters  sped away  from the back of the palace . The Royal family were safe. 

 A violent explosion heralded by the shouts of Allahu Akba tore through the massed crowds  adding to the carnage already littering Birdcage walk..   Left and right wing protesters, Young and old .  soldiers  veterans and police alike were ripped apart by the huge  blast. That was the signal for the jihad that both Right wing and Muslim extremists had craved... The circuling media helicopters meant the  horrors had been beamed live across the World.. The result was almost instant. It was like crystal night all over again but in broad daylight. 

 The worm  turned.  This was the final atrocity, the final insult. Mobs took to the streets. Soon Brixton, Bristol, Bradford  and Birmingham were burning. Every Asian owned corner shop looted and burnt. It didnt matter if  the owner  was a Pakistani , Indian or a Sikh . Ignorance was bliss. If it was a person of colour it was probably a muslim. Kill it  before it killed you. 

 The arms caches that had long been suspected appeared in the hands of Islamic Jihadis.  They were mainly AK47’s that had been  smuggled in through various  ports from a thousand hot spots around the World. There was to be  no containing this wildfire. Every intolerance bore fruit. Every slight or wrong was avanged. Left wing fought right wing. Black fought  white. Cathholic fought protestant. Islam against every other Infidel. There was no quarter given or taken.. Churches Mosques and synagogs blazed. Priests and Rabbis put to the sword. Each barbaric act worse than the last. The flame  rapidly spread across the whole of Europe. Paris was burning as was Rotterdam. The Infidels living in predominently  Turkish and Morrocan  suburbs had been massacred, Slaughtered by those who had been  their friends and neighbours. 

 Even Enoch Powell could never  have envisaged this.. The flame crossed the ocean to the  divided  America. Republicans fought democrats in a new civil war. Black fought against white. The flow at the Mexican border had gone into reverse. 

The fighting in Europe  was  Street to street, house to house, neighbour against neighbour  and hand to hand. It was the horrors of  Belfast and Londonderry all over again as angry oppressed  Catholics  had burnt out and killed protestants.  Revenge for a  wrong that had been festering for four hundred years.... 

The already weakend  police forces had been decimated by the mobs. The armed  forces had  tried to install martial law but failed. They were now  fighting  for their own survival. There were no goverments. No  real leaders from the warring factions to get around a peace table. It was an eye for an eye and  a tooth for a tooth. Vengence for a thousand real and imagined  wrongs .. The Royal family had escaped  to New Zealand.   Would Britain become a dominion as Dennis Wheatley had predicted  when peace finaly reigned  again. When would that be? When would there have  been enough killing?. The only winner was mother Earth. In the few short weeks since it all began millions had been killed. Mass graves were everywhere. Even nuclear weapons had been used by some powers. Islamabad had been wiped from the face of the earth.  Irans nuclear ambitions cut short in a pre emptive attack by Isreal. He could have run but where to. He had pledged allegiance to Queen and country. It had no end date. He was a veteran . This was his country,  his people  his culture and his identity he was fighting for. 

 The clatter of tin cans  broke his reverie as a trip wire was triggered ... In the dim  light he loaded the  magazine holding  his last 10 rounds into the rifle and cocked it... The crossbow was cocked and  loaded with a broadhead bolt.he had obtained  illegally  so long ago. .If a single intruder  he wouldn’t need  to   give his position away.  With a Khukri close at hand  he  peered into  the darkness searching  for the intruder or intruders. Was it friend or foe?  Silently he prayed it was no more than a passing cat.. 

  Alan xx