Why See A Psychic?

By Dr. Kevin

Since I began doing professional psychic work in the 70’s, this is a question, in some form or variation, that I have been asked countless times…”Why see a psychic because…” 

They might tell me bad things? 
If they are really psychic then I can’t change it anyways so why bother? 
My religion tells me it’s bad or wrong? 
How will I know what they tell is the truth? 
What if they tell me something bad, how do I know that I didn’t just make it happen because they told me so? 
Psychic abilities don’t exist? 
I don’t want to give my power away? 

So, let’s look at my responses (more or less because there is always a little intuitive flair going on in any interaction of this kind) 

First and foremost the future is not in granite, if it were then it would mean there is no free will.  So if I looked at the most likely scenario as to what was going to happen in an area of your life, and it was something that you didn’t want to have happen, and there were things that you could do to shift and change it, why would you not want to know so that you could?  Perchance (yes I do use that word in conversation) it is something that involves someone around you and you don’t have the ability to shift it, and it were bad, wouldn’t you like to have the opportunity to be better prepared for it?  Just as if something good were happening on the periphery of your awareness and that something good could become something great, if you were made aware of it, why wouldn’t you want that additional insight?  

If your religion is the issue know that whatever religion it is, it has some reference to psychic gifts as being gifts from God.  In the religious framework they often don’t want those gifts to be recognized unless the church has control over the messenger and the message and the ability to edit or shift to always be in alignment with church teachings- it’s a power and control thing when you think about it.  In religious language they are called charisms.  Let’s look at a few. 

The Charism of Knowledge empowers a Christian to be a channel of God's truth through diligent study and intellectual activity that enables us to better understand God, ourselves, and the universe. 

The Charism of Healing empowers a Christian to be a channel of God's love through whom God cures illness and restores health when healing is unlikely to occur quickly or to happen at all. 

The Charism of Prophecy empowers a Christian to be a channel of divine truth and wisdom by communicating a word or call of God to individuals or a group through inspired words or actions. 

The Charism of Wisdom empowers a Christian to be a channel of God's goodness through remarkable insight that enables him or her to come up with creative solutions to specific problems and make good decisions. 

The Charism of Writing empowers a Christian to be a channel of God's creativity by using words to create works of truth or beauty that reflect the fullness of human experience and bring glory to God. 

I choose these because these all relate to psychic gifts ( still gifts from God) that I have been teaching globally, for almost 30 years, in my Psychic development courses. 

The more you have developed your own psychic abilities and will listen to your own inner guidance the more you will recognize true messages being delivered to you and you’ll know what resonates.  

Every major religion supports gifts that could be easily classified as psychic abilities.  Science studies them, even governments have invested monies into how to better develop and control them.  Anyone who spends five minutes researching will find too much evidence to not support their existence.  In that same five minutes you can also find any number of abuses, scams and disreputable behaviors that have the label psychic involved.  Sometimes people are just scam artists other times they are moderately to even very psychic and know how to capitalize off of it.  Psychic is an energy, which is neither positive or negative, it just is.  It’s who is using the gift that decides whether it’s being used for the good or for bad.  

As far as giving your power away; never give your power away.  Not to your doctor, not to your minister, priest or rabbi, not to your religion, your government, your parents, your children or your friends.  Don’t give your power away to your psychic, your astrologer or your therapist.  Don’t give your power away to what you see on the internet, watch on TV or read in a magazine. Use all these things as more information with which to make better decisions.  Develop your own psychic abilities so they can guide you to see what good solid input is, advice and thought process and what is simply a load of crap.  

We all have psychic abilities, we can all develop those psychic abilities and we can all use them, whether it is from our own to someone else’s, to have a better, more empowered and happier life.  

So, in conclusion, getting insight through a psychic lens, just gives you more information, with which, to make better decisions.  No different than getting information from a doctor, lawyer, engineer, priest, rabbi, or minister- even your spouse!  And I would hope in getting those pieces of information that not only would you not have given your power away to an authority figure (yes, some people see psychic healers and teachers as authority figures) but that you would have done your due diligence.  And above all else learn to trust your own intuitive.


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