The Photograph

As I lay in that twilight World 

Not sleeping nor awake 

My thoughts of you intensified 

And took on solid shape 

The turmoil in my mind now ceased 

My thought began to flow 

Hovering in the twilight World 

I saw the image grow. 

Growing ever stronger 

The image filled my brain 

My minds eye saw your beauty 

Time and time again 

Slowly understanding 

struggled through the storm 

In dark and light and shadow 

The photograph was born 

I saw you in a panelled room 

Sat in a high backed chair 

Soft sunbeams throw the window 

Put highlights in your hair 

It’s in my mind so clearly 

The pose,The look, just right 

No bright and startling colours 

Soft tones of dark and light 

You are looking out the window 

There’s sadness in your eyes 

A gentle smile lies on your lips 

Sweet sorrow in your gaze. 

In the early morning sunlight 

I see you unclothed form 

Beautious for the beholder 

The perfect sketch of woman 

This is the picture on my head. It’s mine till end of life. 

I see you as an Astral form, and end my inward strife.

Alan F. Herbert

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