A suitcase  of memories,  heart full  of sorrow. 

Eyes filled with emptiness. No Dreams for tomorrow. 

Plans turned to nothing. Here standing alone. 

Each room echoes emptiness. Now call it home. 

 The awful sound of tea poured for one. 

The past lies in tatters. Our future gone. 

The tears wont fall. The pain doesn’t ease 

Silence rules but it isn’t peace 

Everythings turmoil. What must I do 

What does it matter now I am without you. 

Shopping for one and cooking for one 

If for me alone the pleasure is none. 

Some say your free, do what you will 

The price of freedom, Doesnt lonliness kill? 

The spirit dying, you feel  it inside 

The numbing pain, A hurt you cant hide. 

Lovers on Telly, What is the weather? 

You cant help but think what you’d have been doing together. 

Staring from the balcony, The grass green below. 

Should I stay and take the pain or a step and let it go? 

Who is to care if I were gone? 

Would anyone cry, Am I so alone? 

Love dies each day. More are in pain 

Just let time heal. I’ll live again. 

Nothing is forever. It’s all constant change 

The plans are all gone. nothing remains 

Beginning again. It hurts so much. 

Someday it will come, that loving touch 

Now stronger, wiser, you can give again. 

Give all that you have.  Dont fear the pain.  

       Alan F Herbert.

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