The Photograph

As I lay in that twilight World 

Not sleeping nor awake 

My thoughts of you intensified 

And took on solid shape 

The turmoil in my mind now ceased 

My thought began to flow 


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Sunday Sunday

A F Herbert 

Okay start packing up.! The market was closing. Many of the stalls were long gone. Portobello road was almost empty of shoppers. No wit was a rush to get everything packed up and gone. 


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Think pretty, The way it is.

The eyes of the fool are in the ends of the Earth.
Stood in a book I once read.
But how does the fare when a persons World
Ends at the foot of their bed? 

The Ceiling Marks the…

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A suitcase  of memories,  heart full  of sorrow. 

Eyes filled with emptiness. No Dreams for tomorrow. 

Plans turned to nothing. Here standing alone. 

Each room echoes emptiness. Now call it home. 

 The awful sound of tea…

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Reflections on a war without end.

By Alan Herbert

Where had it all begun? More important where and how would it all end.  It seemed infinite. 

Enoch Powell had ended his career as an M.P. with his rivers of blood speech. Warning about the…

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